Dear Tara,
My camp experience was the most amazing time ever! Camp Camelot was my first over night camp without any family or comforts (TV, Phone, Computer). I didn’t even care! I didn’t know that Tara would see the talent within you and bring it out on the surface. I was a horse crazy girl that knew practically everything from books and videos but had never really got to do any of it. I’ve always rode western and never cared for English... finally I started taking lessons... I had already taken almost 2 years of lessons in Vegas and was never really doing anything, but walk, trot, and I was introduced to cantering. I never knew that I would be so surprised. Camp Camelot was a ad in a book and I didn’t think much of it except it was a camp, and it had horses... well I got really exited and went. I was put on Fury, the best horse in the whole world, I had never ridden a well trained horse, and Fury was exceptional! He did everything with the slightest command and was sooo comfortable. All the horses were great, and sooner than I ever expected, I was jumping! Camp was the best experience of anything in the whole world, unlike Vegas, it is nice and cool out. Camp Camelot is a home away from home and I would recommend it to ANYONE, English or western! Thank You Tara for the AMAZING time!
Shannon (2011 camper)


I began sending my children to Tara Clark when she owned Royal Champion training center in Las  Vegas in 1988 and ran a wonderful equestrian summer day camp program. I have sent all 6 of my children through the years and my three youngest have had the opportunity to attend Camp Camelot overnight camps in Pioche Nevada. It has been a wonderful experience for my children . The kids have learned the lessons of responsibility of care of horses , dicipline of skills of riding as well as the joy of being on a ranch and experiencing daily ranch and outdoor living. Camp Camelot creates a safe environment for children building confidence and friendships to last a life time. This year, I am proud to say that my first grandchild is going to be attending! It has been a life experience for our whole family and I highly recommend it especially for children living in the city. 
I wanted to thank you for allowing me to be involved in your program for all these years. So far it is only the second week of classes here at CSU. THe information you have taught me has immensely helped me in my studies. Even the information that you have given me outside of the Camp Camelot program. So I just wanted to thank you for sticking by the Camp Camelot program even in these hard years. I finally appreciate the full value of educating children on not only the riding aspects but also the care of horses. So thank you again for all that you have put into your camp and thank you for letting me be a part of it.
Nicole Kahn